*Book Recommendation: “Upadhi Hamilo Hakkula Sangatulu” by Chakradhar Buddha*

We’re excited to share that our team member, Chakradhar Buddha, has authored an important book titled “Upadhi Hamilo Hakkula Sangatulu.” This collection of essays delves into the intricacies of MGNREGA in Telugu, offering valuable insights into Right to work.

Released online by renowned activist Nikhil Dey on April 22, 2024, this book has already garnered significant attention for its insightful exploration of MGNREGA.

Here’s what Dr. PV Ramesh, retired IAS officer, has to say about it:

“I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone who can read. It shall be mandatory reading for civil servants, political leaders, policy makers, rural development practitioners, academicians, and anyone seeking comprehensive understanding of MGNREGA, and more importantly, the chasm that exists between the legislative intent and the challenges in translating into reality.”

🔗 *You can get your copy of the book here*: [Upadhi Hamilo Hakkula Sangatulu](https://chaayabooks.com/product/upaadhi-haameelo-hakkual-sangathulu/)

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain profound insights into MGNREGA and its real-world implications. Happy reading.