In Jharkhand LibTech is currently working on an Action Research project in collaboration with several grassroots organisations. The project is aimed at identifying exclusions and bottlenecks in key social security programmes that impact tribal populations. The identified programmes include pensions under the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) and PDS under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), as well as MGNREGS, and additional Jharkhand-specific programmes like drought-relief (Sukhaad). The project is structured such that the Gram Sabha is the key institution through which resolutions will be administered, to ensure the empowerment and sustainability of work. Currently, LibTech is engaged with over 10 CSO partners in over 6 districts in Jharkhand. 


LibTech has worked intensively in Jharkhand since 2017 with block-level Sahayata Kendras (help centres staffed with Panchayat didis) on last mile issues and for increasing transparency and accountability within MGNREGA. We worked specifically to understand the DBT payment infrastructure, including identifying payment rejections and misdirections. We drafted comprehensive guidelines for the resolution of payment rejections, which were adopted by the Jharkhand MGNREGA department as well. LibTech also worked on issues of social audits, training the Sahayata Kendra fellows on preparing social audit reports and formats, and training them to do awareness campaigns on rights and entitlements.