LibTech’s members and our original research are often quoted in the news on issues that are adjacent to our work. Here we compile some selected news reports that are based on our reports or quote our members.


  1. In the dark without data: Census delay leaves citizens in limbo, Deccan Herald, 4 February 2024.
  2. 2024 Interim Budget | Net zero gain for job guarantee scheme, The Hindu, 1 February 2024
  3. How Aadhaar is strangling MGNREGA in a Maharashtra district and pushing workers to migrate,, 23 January 2024.
  4. Faulty compulsion: On the issue of MGNREGS and Aadhaar seeding, The Hindu, 3 January 2024
  5. Case-by-case exemption from new MGNREGS payment system: Centre, The Hindu, 1 January 2024.
  6. The mystery of the disappearing MGNREGA Job cards: An EPW Engage visual piece based on LibTech members’ Commentary piece in EPW.
  7. MGNREGA unveils remarkable growth in Andhra Pradesh, The Hindu, 26 October 2023
  8. Rule flout stink in job card purge; glare on 5 crore NREGA deletions in a year, The Telegraph, 20 October 2023.
  9. From NREGA Job Card Deletions to Complex Aadhaar Mechanism, Tech Solutions Are Not the Answer, The Wire, 26 September 2023.
  10. Making Aadhaar-Based Payments Compulsory for NREGA Wages Is a Recipe for Disaster, The Wire, 16 February 2023
  11. Wages and aadhaar: 40% NREGA workers face ‘biometric validation problem’, Counterview, 19 November 2020.