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Heavy Wait

Wage Payment Delays in NREGA by the Central Government across Caste and Payment Type from April, 2021, to September, 2021.

Read our latest report, released 29 October, 2021. Thread of media coverage.

Length of the Last Mile
Length of the Last Mile

Read our recently released study on challenges workers face in accessing their wages in hand, even after they have been successfully credited to their bank accounts.

Reducing Exclusions in Tribal Andhra Pradesh

Read about our work with the AP govt. on reducing exclusions in tribal areas here.

Fellowship to Improve National Schemes

Read about our work with rural development practitioners in Jharkhand, Odisha, AP, and Rajasthan here.

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Who we are

Liberation Technology, a.k.a LibTech India is a team of engineers, social workers, and social scientists who, inspired by the Right to Information movement and the idea of social audits, focus on various aspects of improving transparency, accountability, and democratic engagement in rural public services delivery.

LibTech is a centre at Collaborative Research and Dissemination (CORD), New Delhi.

What we do

Using a rights-based framework, we have worked on different policies, trying to make them transparent and disseminating data about them to those who can use the information to make the state accountable to them. Our focus has been NREGA, but we have also worked on PDS, RTI, and entitlements like pensions and maternity entitlements. We work closely in small geographies to understand processes in public service delivery, and we draw upon field insights for research and policy advocacy work.

What’s new with LibTech?


Heavy Wait : Wage Payment Delays in NREGA by the Central Government across Caste and Payment Type from April, 2021 to September, 2021. Access the full report here.

Here is a short presentation with the important highlights of the report.


‘PM-KISAN Samman Nidhi’
Status of Exclusions and Rejections Andhra Pradesh, January 2022. Access the full report here

Our mission is to make information actionable for greater transparency, accountability & improved public service delivery.