Selected Articles and Opinion Pieces

’నరేగా’ దోపిడీలో తెలుగు రాష్ట్రాలే ముందు! Andhra Jyothi, 5 January 2022 Chakradhar Buddha, Gajjalagari Naveen Kumar,Ajay Palle

నగదు బదిలీ సఫలమా విఫలమా ? Andhra Jyothi, 9 December 2021 Chakradhar Buddha , Venkata Krishna Kagga

వలంటీర్లుగా ఆదివాసీల అవస్థలు Andhra Jyothi, 27 November 2021 Chakradhar Buddha, Vanthala Bhaskar, , Venkata Krishna Kagga

పట్టణ పేదలకూ ‘ఉపాధి హామీ’ Andhra Jyothi, 11 September 2021 Chakradhar Buddha

నిర్మాణ కార్మికుల జీవితాలు కుదేలు Andhra Jyothi, 25 August 2021 Chakradhar Buddha, Rajana Bujjibabu, Tekupudi Satyanarayana

టీకా వివక్షలో ఆదివాసీలు Andhra Jyothi, 27 July 2021 Chakradhar Buddha, Kagga Venkata Krishna, Suguna Bheemarasetti, Gajjelagari Naveen

ఉపాధి వేతనాల్లో కులం లెక్కలు ! Andhra Jyothi, 6 July 2021 Chakradhar Buddha, Kuruva Venkateswarulu

ఆదివాసుల అన్నానికి ‘ఆధార్’ అడ్డు Andhra Jyothi, 12 May 2021 Chakradhar Buddha, Naveen Gajjelagari, B.D.S.Kishore, Vanthala Bhaskararao

Dialogues for Democracy, Lessons from Rajasthan
The Hindu, 12 January 2021
Sakina Dhorajiwala, P.C. Kishan, Rajendran Narayanan

In Rural India, over-reliance on digital technology has worsened financial exclusion
The Indian Express, 6 January 2021
Rajendran Narayanan, Sakina Dhorajiwala

Stepping out of the shadow of India’s malnutrition
The Hindu, 27 November 2020
Amartya Paul and Upasak Das

NREGA didis of Kurhani
The Indian Express, 4 November 2020
Rajendran Narayanan

Labour’s Data Lost
The Hindu, 15 October 2020
Rajendran Narayanan and Bishwa Pandey

Locked Down in Distress
The Indian Express, 9 May 2020
Sakina Dhorajiwala and Rajendran Narayanan

The Minimum Wage Solution
The Hindu, 10 October 2019
Sakina Dhorajiwala and Rajendran Narayanan

Demonetising Rural India
Business Standard, 7 October 2019
Chakradhar Buddha and Rajendran Narayanan

How the Centre Can Ensure Women Receive Maternity Benefits
The Wire, 22 July 2019
Sabhil Nath Painkra, Vanita Leah Falcao, and K.C. Sachin

The Politics of Information
The Indian Express, 4 April 2019
Rajendran Narayanan, Rakshita Swamy, Nikhil Dey

The Solution is Universal
The Hindu, 11 February 2019
Rajendran Narayanan and Debmalya Nandy

मजदूरों के लिए पैसा नहीं
Amar Ujala, 26 November 2018
Sakina Dhorajiwala and Debmalya Nandi

The Time Is Right for an Urban Employment Guarantee Programme
The India Forum, 30 November 2020
Amit Basole, Rajendran Narayanan, Anand Shrivastava, Rakshita Swamy

Modi Government Should Embrace NREGA Without Trying to Defend the Indefensible
Scroll. in, 27 July 2020
Rajendran Narayanan and Debmalya Nandy

A Hub of the Gujarat Economy That Became a Zone of Despair For Migrant Workers  
The Wire, 20 June 2020
Anushka Kale

Digital India’s ‘Magic Wand’ Creates More Problems Than Solutions In Jharkhand, Finds Survey
IndiaSpend, 25 November 2019
Rajendran Narayanan and Anognya Parthasarthy

Chronic Gaps in Health and Justice
The Telegraph, 8 October 2019
Sabhil Nath Painkra, K.C. Sachin, and Vanita Leah Falcao

Six Reasons Why the Economic Survey’s Presentation of MGNREGA is Misleading
The Hindu, 27 July 2019
Rajendran Narayanan and Rakshita Swamy

A Bridge to Nowhere
The Hindu, 27 March 2019
Sakina Dhorajiwala, Jean Dreze, and Niklas Wagner

An Imaginary Friend
The Indian Express, 1 November 2019
Sakina Dhorajiwala and Rajendran Narayanan

Using MGNREGA Funds to Subsidise Farm Labour is a Recipe for Disaster
The Wire, 4 July 2018
Chakradhar Buddha and Diego Maiorano

Aadhaar Trouble: How a Woman’s Wages Under MGNREGA were Transferred to Someone Else’s Account, 9 April 2017
Sabhil Nath Painkra, Sakina Dhorajiwala, and Rajendran Narayanan

No Guarantee In Mahabubnagar
The Indian Express, 4 February 2016
Chakradhar Buddha and Rajendran Narayanan