Collaborators and Funders

From the outset, the LibTech India team has partnered with civil society organizations, academic institutions, and government bodies. Given our initial focus on transparency, we spent much of our effort in developing partnerships with grassroots organizations. A list of our key CSO partners is given below.

Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vruthidarula Union (APVVU)

APVVU is a trade union network working in the tribal area of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The network has been in place for more than two decades, and it is considered one of the most credible activist groups in the State. They have a long history of working on NREGA, and also on other rights including the right to information, education, land, and tribal rights.

Chaupal Sansthan

Chaupal led by Ganga Ram is one of the leading organisations of the right to food movement in Chhattisgarh. Ganga Ram started his activist life in the late 1960s and has been associated with some of the most prominent social movements in India. He founded Chaupal in the late 1990s and the organisation has played a major role in reforming food programmes in the Surguja district, where they operate.

Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan

JJSS is a trade union network started five years ago in the Araria district of Bihar.  The founders of the trade union have a long history of engagement with the right to information movement, including MKSS. JJSS organises agricultural labourers and other marginalized communities in Bihar and has quickly become one of the most dynamic activist organisations in the state.

Nirmala Tamineni, Independent activist

Nirmala, a software engineer with many years of experience in the West Coast of the US returned to India a few years ago and has chosen to work in one of the poorest part of Andhra Pradesh since the last year. In appreciation of her work, the Ministry of Rural Development of the state has given her an official position to improve the performance of NREGA in that region, which she does along with her activist work. Within one year, she has been able to reactivate NREGA in many Panchayats where the programme was completely unimplemented and she now has taken on the task of implementing it in three blocks of the district covering 60 village Panchayats.

Sanjay Sani, Independent activist

Sanjay is an activist who started out by researching information on NREGA on their official website and became an instant activist by sharing the news in his village. He has been a full-time activist for the last year and has been an intensive user of technology. Sani is an electrician by training and discovered the power of the internet accidentally when he walked in to a browsing centre across from his shop in New Delhi. This accidental discovery of the internet led him to officially posted information on the NREGA which he shared with his village, creating a sensation. He has since given up his electrician work and has become a full-time activist in his village.